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Reputation Management

At RepGro, we specialise in reputation management cards, business review collection, and replies, with the option of full management.

RepGro converts your staff into marketing Legends.
No technology wizkids are needed.



Taking Your Business Reputation to the Next Level

GMB Management

We also offer GMB Google Business Management and reputation management, along with local SEO management, to take your brand to the next level.

Collecting reviews on high-profile sites like Yelp can also show up on GMB.

Reputation Management

Don't Let Your Reputation

Be your weak link!

In today's digital landscape, a single negative review or social media post can stain your brand's reputation for years to come. Repgro ensures you're always a step ahead, proactively managing your brand's image like never before.

Build, maintain, and protect your brand's image.

Grow Genuine Reviews fast

In the realm of managing a business's reputation, reviews have climbed the ladder to become a pivotal component.

With our bespoke solution, you can quickly collect reviews that perfectly align with the guidelines set forth by Google, Yelp, and other top platforms.

Only 14% of consumers are likely
to provide a review without being asked.


What are location based reviews and why are they so important? 

Google wants genuine reviews, not fake reviews or reviews written by the business owner.

Location-based reviews are reviews collected on your customers phones at their location.

Google's algorithms pick up this signal and spot it as a genuine review.

Not only that, for service-type workers or delivery drivers, the location proves

You were covering the area you claim to work in.

This is why RepGro works so well.


More interactions aid in the formation of a web of personal brand signals.

Ranking on Google has changed.

At Repgro Manager, we are passionate about helping businesses succeed. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to providing the best advice to our clients.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and helping them achieve their goals.

Image - 2023-09-06T204848.106.png

Use Repgro to Explode Reviews on All Sites 


Increasing your location-based reviews on the top review sites will improve your

Authority: widen reach and social signals; increase traffic; build confidence; improve overall branding. It also shows up on Google Maps.

yelp logo

User Reviews and Recommendations of the Best Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Food, Entertainment,

Things to Do and Services

Add your business

trustpilot logo

Trustpilot is a review platform that's open to everyone. Share your experiences to help others make better choices and encourage companies to up their game.

Add your business

foursquare logo

The leading cloud-based location technology platform for unlocking the power of places and movement.

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"Excellent company to use. Highly recommend RepGro for this service.
Reliable and trustworthy"

Many Use Cases

Permissionless - Secure - Noninvasive

This has the potential to quickly increase genuine reviews naturally.

and leave your competitors standing.

With reviews, once you are in front, it's not easy for the competition to catch up.

Ask for reviews without the awkwardness of asking for a phone number or social media profiles.

to send the details, or fumbling and scrambling for the correct links.

local cafe

Food Industry

With the Repgro card, you can provide each staff member with a card and collect reviews from customers while interacting with them, or stick the card to each table and collect reviews from customers while sitting or at a home delivery.

local tradesmen

Service Industry

What if you could provide each of your fitters with an easy way to collect reviews with no real technical genius needed?

Well, now you can.

You can also add pricing plans or forms, making it easier to increase sales and make quicker payments.

Delivery Boxes in a Truck

Delivery Drivers

If you have a shop or a supply business, you can provide each of your drivers with a Repro Card so they can collect reviews on delivery, or with a Stripe account, offer another option to

collect a payment









Live link page examples

You can set a review button of your choice to wobble at any time.

This acts as a direction to collect reviews in the order you wish.

Watch videos to see how this can work. Helping an even collection of reviews

The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing Your Online Reputation! 🌟

Why Repgro?

You're probably aware that, in the digital age, online reviews can make or break your business.

But what if you could effortlessly amass genuine, glowing reviews that not only make your brand irresistible but also leave your competition struggling to catch up?

Meet Repgro, your game-changing solution.

The Golden Opportunity You Can't Afford to Miss

🎯 Unbeatable First Mover Advantage: With Repgro, you'll quickly increase your location based genuine reviews and cement your brand as an industry leader.

Remember, in the world of reviews, the early bird catches the worm!

🎯 Never Feel Awkward Again: Ask for reviews without the clumsy moments—no need for phone numbers, social media stalking, or fumbling for the correct link. Seamless and effortless.

🎯 Ease of Automation: You've got better things to do than manually find your reviews all day.

Let Repgro do the heavy lifting.

🎯 Easy to use Sales tool: Collect payments, share offers and much more with a simple swipe of your customers phone. 

Your Competition Won't Know What Hit Them

With Repgro, you don't just pull ahead; you leave others in the dust.

Once you accumulate a repository of stellar reviews, your competition will find it

nearly impossible to catch up.


Before you order

Does it work?

DPB Plumbing and Heating is making excellent use of it, assisting the company in becoming one of, if not the, largest provider of services in Scarborough.


You can easily keep track of your statistics

and staff participation, to assist in

achieving optimal performance

We are unable to display specific click data due to privacy concerns. However, the DPB team has successfully accumulated 78 reviews, payments, and leads using the RepGro cards in a single month. The click-through rate shown (CTR 35%) compared to email campaigns, which typically range between 1-3%, is particularly impressive. Such statistics highlight the RepGro system's effectiveness and potential for increasing engagement and results.

See Pricing

Pricing set to suit any small to medium size business 

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