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RepGro NFC Card for reviews

Reputation Management

Boost Reviews, Conversions
Leads & Sales

How to Improve Your Business with

Effective Online Reputation Management

Stay ahead of the algorithm.

The Power of Public Opinion:

How Reviews Can Influence Your Business
Understanding The Impact:
Online reviews greatly influence sales and business earnings.

Positive reviews can greatly boost conversion rates, particularly for higher-priced services.

According to the Medill Spiegel Research Centre, products with five reviews have a 270% greater conversion rate than those with no reviews.

On the other hand, a single negative review can turn away 22% of prospective clients....


Why Reviews Matter:

90% of buyers are more likely to convert after reading reviews.

92% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy after reading a reputable review.

Positive feedback can cause clients to spend 31% more with your company.

Respond to reviews that users leave about your business.

When you reply to reviews, it shows that you value your customers and their feedback.

High-quality, positive reviews from your customers can improve your business visibility and increase the likelihood that a shopper will visit your location. Google Quote

Managing Your Online Reputation:

To leverage reviews, organisations should actively manage their online reputation. Encourage satisfied customers to post positive evaluations, and respond to negative feedback constructively.

Not Just a Piece of Plastic: Discover the Power Behind the Card


Ranking Signals
Location - IP Address - Device

Dominate Local Search with Location-Based Reviews.

The importance of location-based reviews:
Google values authentic feedback from real users. Google's algorithms recognise reviews from customers' devices and locations as authentic. This is especially crucial for service workers and drivers, whose location data proves their presence within the stated area.

Repgro's effective approach includes monitoring Google My Business, maintaining online notoriety, and enhancing local search engine rankings.

Our customised method efficiently helps you collect real reviews, thereby improving your company's reputation and trust.

More signals in a local area help structure a wider reach for a top 3 position 
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Signed up & collected - 30 Brand new ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ GENUINE REVIEWS in 20 days

on Tripadvisor & Google

Before joining RepGro only 5 Reviews in 6 Months

RepGro is a Cardiff Media Ltd Brand

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Meet Repgro

 Your Game-Changing Solution.
Why Should I Choose Repgro?

Unbeatable first mover advantage:

Increase your location-based ratings and position your brand as an industry leader.

Seamless Review Requests:

Request reviews without feeling embarrassed; no need for phone numbers or social media surveillance.

Ease of Automation:

Let Repgro manage the review process while you concentrate on your business.

Easy to Use Sales Tool: With just a swipe of the card on your customer's phone, you may collect payments, share discounts, and more.


Enhanced SEO and Social Signals: GMB Management

We provide services like managing Google My Business, maintaining online reputation, and improving local search engine ranking, while also assisting in obtaining reviews from popular sites.

Reputation Management

Repgro offers proactive management of your brand's image, ensuring it is built, maintained, and protected against negative reviews or social media posts.

Grow Genuine Reviews Fast:

Our bespoke system efficiently collects reviews aligned with Google, Yelp, and other platforms, enhancing corporate reputation management by focusing on authenticity and numbers.

Use Repgro to Explode Reviews on All Sites 

Increasing your location-based reviews and SEO 

will improve your Authority: widen reach and social signals; increase traffic; build confidence; improve overall branding. It also shows up on Google Maps.

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User Reviews and Recommendations of the Best Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Food, Entertainment,

Things to Do and Services

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Trustpilot is a review platform that's open to everyone. Share your experiences to help others make better choices and encourage companies to up their game.

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The leading cloud-based location technology platform for unlocking the power of places and movement.

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"Excellent company to use. Highly recommend RepGro for this service.
Reliable and trustworthy"

The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing Your Online Reputation! 🌟

Why Repgro?

Repgro streamlines gathering real, positive online reviews. This enhances brand appeal and credibility in the digital landscape. It highlights the critical role of a positive online presence.

Meet Repgro, your game-changing solution.

The Golden Opportunity You Can't Afford to Miss

🎯 Unbeatable First Mover Advantage:

With Repgro, you'll increase your location based reviews and cement your brand

as a genuine industry leader.

Remember, in the world of reviews, the early bird catches the worm!

🎯 Never Feel Awkward Again:

Ask for reviews without the clumsiness. No need for phone numbers, social media stalking, or fumbling for the right link. Seamless and effortless.

🎯 Ease of Automation:

You've got better things to do than find and chase reviews all day.

Let Repgro do the heavy lifting.

🎯 Easy to use Sales tool:

Collect payments, share offers and much more with a simple swipe of the card on your customers phone. 

Your Competition Won't Know What Hit Them

By leveraging Repgro, you're not moving ahead—you're setting a pace that

leaves your competitors struggling to keep up.

As you build a collection of outstanding reviews, it becomes challenging

For your competition to reach your level, it must close the gap.

This will solidify your lead in the market.

"The impact of fake reviews extends beyond individual businesses, influencing the overall trustworthiness of online reviews and ratings. By deploying advanced AI algorithms, Google aims to create a more transparent and reliable online environment where users can make informed choices based on authentic feedback".......

Your competitors won't know
what hit them.

By employing Repgro, you're not simply pushing forward; you're setting a pace that your competitors can't follow up. As you accumulate a collection of excellent evaluations, it will be difficult for your competitors to equal you.


Search engine optimisation

Social Signals

Social media presence

and signals


Online reputation with reviews and recommendations

How to Get Started

Get started

Step 1: Choose a product that suits your budget on the pricing page or Schedule a Consultation Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your business needs.

Step 2: Fill out all of the details requested this makes it easier for us to get started quicker and efficiently.

Step 3: If using self managed options read all of the training and utilise the blog tips for members

Step 4: See Results Watch as your online presence grows and your business thrives.

This is Not a Google Card

This is a future proof reputation management system

You may have seen the Google cards made in China.

While the Google Card serves as a handy functional resource, it pales in comparison to the sophistication and comprehensive management capabilities of the

RepGro card and management software.

Also, without the correct research, the Google card can easily be abused.

Plus, the "Google PVC Stand" only collects reviews from one IP address.

This is not an ideal or a long-term best practice.

The winning SEO strategy is:

Regular natural Reviews 

Different IP addresses

Various Locations

Various platforms

Different devices

Unique Replies 

RepGro Card 

✔️ Collect Google Reviews 

✔️ Collect Reviews on other platforms

✔️ Management dashboard

✔️ Divert/Manage poor reviews

✔️ Review widget for website 

✔️ Collect Video Reviews 

✔️ Share link for emails

✔️ SMS request option

✔️ Collect payments option

✔️ Performance Analytics 

✔️ Share to Social Media

✔️ Full Training

✔️ Fully Managed option 

✔️ Bespoke Design

✔️ Ai future proof 

✔️ Ongoing support

✔️ Bespoke use cases

Google Card 

✔️ Collect Google Reviews 

❌ Collect Reviews on other platforms

❌ Management dashboard

❌ Divert/Manage bad reviews

❌ Review widget for website 

❌ Collect Video Reviews 

❌ Share link for emails

❌ SMS request option

❌ Collect payments option

❌ Performance Analytics 

❌ Share to Social Media

❌ Full Training

❌ Fully Managed option 

❌ Bespoke Design

❌ Ai future proof 

❌ Ongoing support

❌ Bespoke use cases

Google review card

The Power of Public Opinion: How Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business

Public opinion

The influence of online reviews on sales and business revenue can vary significantly and is determined by various factors, such as the type of review, whether positive or negative, and the product or service's cost.  ​ Research from the Medill Spiegel Research Centre indicates that the presence of online reviews significantly affects purchase decisions, with the conversion rate for a product with five reviews being 270% greater than for a product with no reviews. Additionally, the impact of reviews is more pronounced for higher-priced items, where the conversion rate can increase by up to 380% when reviews are displayed. ​ Negative reviews, on the other hand, can severely impact a business. A single negative review can drive away approximately 22% of potential customers, and three negative reviews can repel nearly 59% of customers. This significant negative impact highlights the importance of managing online reputations carefully. ​ The importance of online reviews is further emphasized by statistics showing that 90% of buyers are more likely to convert after reading reviews, and 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.  Moreover, having positive reviews can lead customers to spend 31% more with your business. ​ In summary, online reviews are crucial for businesses, significantly affecting sales and customer trust. Positive reviews can dramatically increase sales and conversion rates, especially for higher-priced items, while negative reviews can lead to a substantial loss of potential sales. Businesses should actively manage their online reputation, encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, and address negative feedback constructively to mitigate its impact.

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