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Use cases

More use cases for your new Repgro card

Most uses can be merged into one card.

Like a credit card you keep on you at all times or a staff member

to always have it on hand to collect reviews instantly or share what you have to offer.

Customer Retention

Reward individuals that swipe your Repro card with exclusive discounts or offers.

This not only promotes conversation but can also lead to sales or new sign-ups.

mockup-of-a-bunch-of-business-cards-with-customizable-background-1551-el (2).png

Your  Portfolio

Share your profile, collect appointments, and add them to your calendar. If you work in a profession that requires you to exhibit a portfolio, such as an architect, artist, or photographer, use the Tap feature to instantly link to your online portfolio. A single tap can transport the viewer to your best work.


Event Check-In

If you're holding an event, use Repro cards to expedite check-in. Attendees can log

their attendance by simply tapping their card

against a gadget at the entry. (6).gif

Interactive Videos

Link to an introduction video in which you, or a representative of your company, individually introduce and discuss your services. It is a technique for making your business card more memorable and personal.

Loyalty Schemes

If you own a store or provide regular services, you can use your Repro card to add points or incentives to a customer's loyalty plan, prompting them to return.


Appointment Booking

Allow recipients to tap and directly arrange an appointment with you, such as for consultations or follow-ups. This would be especially useful for professionals such as doctors, consultants, and therapists.

Product Demonstrations

If your product would benefit from a demonstration, use your card to link to a video that shows it in action. This can help clarify things and pique people's attention.

Perfume Bottles

Digital Brochure

Link your Repro card to a digital brochure instead of handing out bulky brochures that may be trashed. It is not only ecologically sustainable, but it also provides potential clients with easy access to information.


Trade Account Holders

Why Repgro Trade Cards?
In a world that's oversaturated with apps and notifications, how can you ensure your trade accounts stay engaged? Imagine a solution that keeps your offers and products within arm's reach 24/7. A solution that lives in your staff or customer's wallet, not buried under dozens of apps they never use.

Meet Repgro Trade Cards:

your unbeatable, cost-efficient way to connect.

Always Available, Never Forgotten: Unlike an app, a trade card sits conveniently in your customer's wallet. Always ready, always accessible

No Overheads, No Worries: Save yourself the costs and complications that come with app development and maintenance.

Simplifies payments: Your customers can use the card to send account payments. Make life easier for them and for you.

CV or Personal Portfolio

We can programme your Repro card to redirect to a digital CV or LinkedIn page for people looking for work or networking opportunities. This ensures that you always have the most recent version of your CV available.

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