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Google Review Link Builder 

In the current era, where digital feedback significantly impacts business reputations, having a streamlined method for gathering customer testimonials is crucial.

Google offers a mechanism for companies to generate a specialised link, guiding customers directly to the feedback section of their Google Business listing.

The initial step in crafting this link involves acquiring your Google Business's unique identifier, known as the Place ID.

Step 1: Find Your Place ID

  1. Visit Google's Place ID Finder Tool.

    • Go directly to the Place ID Finder tool provided by the Google Maps JavaScript API by visiting the link: Google Place ID Finder.

  2. Search for Your Business

    • In the search box, start typing the name of your business. As you type, suggestions will appear below the text box. Keep typing until you see your business listed in the suggestions.

    • Click on your business in the list of suggestions. The map will zoom into your business location, and a marker will appear.

  3. Copy the place ID.

    • Below the map, you'll see your business name, address, and place ID. The place ID is a long string of letters and numbers. Click the "Copy Place ID" button next to the place ID to copy it to your clipboard.

Step 2: Use the Place ID with the Review Link Generator.

Now that you have your Place ID, you can use it with the Google Business Review Link Generator to create a direct link for customers to leave reviews.

  1. Access the Review Link Generator

    • If you've implemented the Review Link Generator on your website, navigate to the page where it's located. If you haven't yet set it up, refer back to the HTML code provided earlier to embed it on your website.

  2. Enter the place ID.

    • In the input field labelled "Enter your Google Business Place D," p paste the place ID you copied from the Place ID Finder tool.

  3. Generate the review link.

    • Click the button labelled "Generate Review ink." The tool will generate a URL that you can share with your customers. This URL directs users straight to the review submission page for your business on Google.

  4. Share the link.

    • Copy the generated link. You can share this link via email, social media, messaging apps, or any other communication method you use to engage with your customers. Encourage them to click the link and leave a review of their experience with your business.

Tips for Sharing Your Review Link

  • Email Signature: Include the review link in your email signature to subtly encourage reviews for every email you send.

  • Social Media: Share the link periodically on your business's social media profiles, thanking customers for their support and asking for feedback.

  • Website: Embed the link on your website, possibly on the contact page or in a post-purchase thank-you page.

  • Customer Communications: Include the link in newsletters, follow-up emails, and other customer communications, inviting them to review their purchase or experience.

By following these steps, you can easily guide your customers to leave valuable feedback and reviews for your business on Google, enhancing your online reputation and visibility.

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